Ubuntu Maverick Meerkat Desktop Edition vs Netbook Edition

After trying out the Release Candidate of both the Netbook Edition and Desktop Edition of Ubuntu Maverick Meerkat I’ve come to the conclusion that my favorite Edition has got to be the Netbook Edition as it’s the only Edition that has brought anything new with the cool Unity Desktop.  I can’t comment on the other Ubuntu flavors such as KUbuntu, XUbuntu, MythBuntu, Ubuntu Studio, Edubuntu, LUbuntu and Ubuntu Server as I’ve not tried these versions.

I’ll report more on Maverick Meerkat once it is officially released and I’ve upgraded my Netbook to the official release, but so far it’s looking to be in my eye the best Netbook Edition that I’ve tried.  The Desktop Edition needs Overhauling before I’d consider ditching the Unity Desktop for the standard Gnome Desktop though.

The next version of Ubuntu is coming soon


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