State ‘should not finance’ big families on benefits

The Government are coming off as total asses with this statement on the BBC News website.

As they have said it’s people’s choice how many children they have, but with the government cutting public sector jobs and more and more people being out of work it’s getting harder for people to find work  as there are more people going for the same limited number of jobs. So how the hell can people support their families when there are fewer jobs than unemployed people.  The government needs to wake up and enter reality and realize that people would rather be earning money to support their families no matter how big or small it is, but they can’t expect people to sit back and say ok I’m jobless and supporting my family through benefits so please give me less money to encourage me to support my family through working when there are fewer jobs available than the amount of people looking for work.

Just because they can afford to look after their families because they have got a cushy over paid job doesn’t mean that they can think everyone would rather do nothing all day but claim benefits.  I’m unemployed and I’d like nothing better than to support my wife and unborn child through working, but when I’m one of probably thousands of people in Sheffield alone that are unemployed it’s pretty damn hard to find a job.

Rant over



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