Teacher Jailed Over Three-Year-Old’s Rape

After reading this Article on the Sky News website I thought that I should voice my opinion in my Blog as I don’t think I’d get away with speaking my mind on this issue by commenting on the article on the Sky News website.

I think this sick and twisted man should get more than seven years in jail, even though he did not rape the three year old personally he  along with Mr Skitt who also watched the atack on web cam with Mr Lennon should get at least life for encouraging the man that actually raped her.

As for Mr Hawley he should get Life imprisonment with no hope of parole and also get his bits lopped off for being the one that actually raped this innocent girl.  I don’t care that he only orally raped her he should still have his manhood removed as an example.

If I could have my way I’d have all three of them exicuted as they don’t deserve to be able to live and even re-offend when they are released from jail.  This sick trio should be shipped off to fight in Afghanistan or Iraq as prison seems to good for them.

Rant over



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