Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour and the Police

I’ve already done two Posts about Crime and Antisocial Behaviour before.  I thought that when I did my last post on the subject that it was starting to quieten down on my estate, but as of tonight gangs of youths re starting to gather on the estate and cause trouble and guess where the Police are?

Yep you guessed it nowhere to be seen, there is a section 30 in effect in my area that has got twenty days left on it before it expires and the Police have not once patrolled the estate long enough to actually see the gangs causing trouble, they usually just drive down the main road into and out of the estate then back down it and out of the estate or by the time that the Police have turned up they have split up and legged it until the Police leave the estate and then they congregate again .

What the hell is the point of a section 30 if the Police can’t be arsed to get off their fat asses and actually do their jobs, why the hell do we have to pay for the Police in the Council Tax when they don’t even earn their money by doing what they are supposed to do they are called the Police after all, it’s like Fire-fighters not bothering coming out to put fires out and still getting Council Tax money for it.

At least the Fire and Ambulance Service earn their cut of the Council Tax but the Police don’t earn one penny of their cut  of the Council Tax.

Rant over



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