Classroom work helps summer arson attacks fall

if this article on my local Newspaper is to be believed then why did South Yorkshire fire and Rescue Service have to turn up in force twice during the Summer Holiday to put out fires at the former Caretakers House next to the Primary School on my Estate  then, as it had to  be arson unless the people that were doing it up couldn’t afford it any more and torched it as an Insurance job as the last I knew bin, grass and rubbish fires were not arson.

Was this only taken from a small part  of South Yorkshire with a low population as this Summers figures and last Summers figures seem pretty small for arson.

A way that would possibly cause arson to drop drastically would be to have a Police presence on the streets.  But as Police are all work shy and don’t like having to do paperwork associated with arresting criminals then it’s highly unlikely that there will ever be a visible Police presence on the streets again compared to the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s.

Why does fighting crime have to involve Police doing mountains of paperwork?

Less paperwork for the Police would create less crime as there would be more Police on the streets to combat crime.

Rant over



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