After reading this Daily Star article I’d like to see this little wannabe tramp sued for all she is worth by Simon Cowell, Dermot O’Leary and Phillip Schofield, as if they would want anything to do with an ugly tramp wannabe like her.

She’s just using them to get sad old perverts to use her £100 a minute web cam phone sex service.

I’ve got news for you sweetie your an ugly little deluded tramp that thinks she is good looking and that you could sleep with any man you want, and that UK TV stars would want a piece of you.

Your just a talentless little whore  that should get a proper job instead of trying to make money of your frankly ugly little body that is probably full of STIs from your questionable chosen career.  It’s girls like you that give Yorkshire girls and women a bad name, and you should get back to reality.

Rant over



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