Bullying and Threatening behaviour on Facebook

I’ve been forced to write this Post after being subjected to threatening behaviour on Facebook for the second time in as many years.

The first time was last July and my cousin threatened to kill me because her and most of my dads side of the family were not invited to my wedding and she thought that her and the rest of them had got a god given right to be at the wedding. I reported her to Facebook for threatening behaviour and they did nothing about it.

The second time was today when I had a go at my wife’s Aunt when she had a dig at me for Blogging while I’m unemployed and her cousin/my wife’s aunts Daughter didn’t like the fact that I just didn’t sit back and take it but bit back so she threatened  to rip my head off.  I’ve just blocked her on Facebook as I know there is no point in reporting her to Facebook for threatening behaviour as the people that run Facebook don’t care what goes on on there site.

Since I posted this another one of my wife’s cousins as started on me.  I’ve done nothing to cause this abuse, they’ve started it by sticking there nose where it’s not wanted.

Rant over



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