Health Cuts Could Hit Patient Care, BMA Warns

This article on the Sky News website could spell the end to decent health care in this country.

Just because the previous government over spent in there 13 years in office doesn’t mean that the present coalition government should slash the budgets on key services like Police, Fire and Health Care.  Why should innocent peoples right to a decent level of health care have to suffer for a previous governments wasteful spending.

I for one say that MPs should take a pay cut and all tax breaks for MPs, Lords and the Royal Family should be ditched if they are rich then they should pay towards the up keep of key services like the NHS, in fact while we’re at it it’s about time that the Royal Family was scrapped as they are just a bunch of lazy scroungers that get the best of everything just because along way back in History they used to rule this country, but as they have now got no power in ruling the country then they should all get jobs stop scrounging off the tax payer just because they got to where they are because their ancestors made their fortune by taking extortionate amounts of tax off of the poor and kept them poor.  In this day and age of a democratically elected government the hugely out dated Monarchy needs to be given the boot, as all of these wealthy scroungers are what’s forcing key services like the NHS to get huge budget cuts to righten the books of a wasteful previous government.

Another way to cut back NHS spending without the need for cutting the quality of service that the NHS provides would be to stop letting immigrants having free NHS health care until they have been in this country 4-5 years and paid National Insurance and tax into the country, eg have a two tier NHS where people that have paid into the country get free NHS and immigrants that haven’t paid enough into the country have to pay for their NHS treatment therefore paying into the NHS for the services that they receive, until they have paid enough money to the NHS and enough National Insurance and tax to the government.  Therefore off setting the NHS budget by paying for their health care until they are entitled to free NHS health care.

Rant over



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