Expenses row rages on

After reading this article on my local papers website I thought that it would be a worthy subject for a Blog post.

Instead for making cuts to essential services the Council should look at cutting back on there lavish lifestyle.  Why should they be entitled to get expenses for use of public transport etc, when a normal working person gets no expenses for use of public transport.  The councillors get paid enough wages for doing there job by tax payers, why the hell should we pay for their train fare to London or their second home in London?  If they can’t afford these things on their huge wages then they should do without.

No wonder Anti-Social behaviour and teenage pregnancy is out of hand when a Lib Dem Council  cuts funding to projects and services that the youth community could do with.

No wonder that the economy is Nose Diving when they also cut the funding to a scheme to helps Start up businesses.

People need to get together and start asking questions as to why essential public services need to take funding cuts to help the Councils keep spending on expenses to keep up there lavish lifestyles.

All Political parties are corrupt and bent, they are meant to look after the people of this country, instead they only think about themselves and their greedy extravagant lifestyles.

This Country would be better if it was run on the American to party system where the people vote for who they want to run the country instead of some greedy, corrupt and bent councillor that has no chance of running the country.

I say split Parliament up into a UK version of the Senate and House of representatives and get rid of the House of Lords and the greedy fat old farts smoking an drinking their Whiskey while letting the greedy, corrupt and bent Government do what the hell they like.

Rant over



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