Commonwealth Games 2010: Concerns ‘not heeded’

This BBC Sport article is a load of Bull. If the warnings of the Commonwealth Games Federation had not been heeded by the Delhi Organizing Committee then the Commonwealth Games Federation should have stepped in and forced the Organizers in Delhi to do a proper job and make sure that everything is safe.

If there is a serious accident caused by poor workmanship are the Commonwealth Games Federation going to shrug off the criticism and say that there was nothing that they could do to prevent a serious accident as they have to let the Organizing Committee have to have some say in how the work is done.

If countries like India don’t like outsiders from telling them what to do and how fast to do it then they should not submit a bid to host the event.  The  Commonwealth Games Federation need to take action and accept any criticism that may come there way in the event of a serious accident occurring due to them not making sure that the  work has been done to a satisfactory level, they after all are the governing body of the Commonwealth Games.

Rant over



2 thoughts on “Commonwealth Games 2010: Concerns ‘not heeded’

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