Commonwealth Games 2010 in crisis (Follow up)

This is just a quick post to say that my post about the 2010 Commonwealth Games being in crisis that I posted yesterday has been posted on this site in it’s entirety.  It would have been nice for the site owners to have posted a working link to my Blog post instead of the URL, but it’s still nice to get a little recognition for my work as it’s just a hobby for me (anything that distracts my from reading Stephen Kings IT that I purchased from can’t be bad).  I’ve been trying to get into blogging for ages and recognition for my work is good inspiration for me to continue Blogging even though I don’t seem to get many comments on my posts, I mostly get people viewing them and no comments oh well it’s not going to stop me Blogging as I like to get things off my chest.

Normal Blogging will resume as soon as I’ve got a new subject lol.




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