Charities hit by fears over cuts

Confidence in the financial position of UK charities has been hit amid anxiety over swingeing spending cuts, a survey of voluntary sector bosses suggests. The National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) found 63% of respondents felt their organisation’s balance sheet would worsen over the next 12 months. And 91% said economic conditions in the voluntary sector overall would be negative during the period, suggesting pessimism over the impact of planned cuts. More than 120 chief executives, trustees and senior managers from UK charities took part in the survey. A fifth said they planned to lay off staff over the next three months and around half said they expected expenditure to slip over the coming year. Sir Stuart Etherington, chief executive of NCVO, said: “This latest survey really hits home the widespread concern the sector is feeling about its future prospects. “It is crucial that the Government listens to the sector’s concerns. Spending cuts must be managed intelligently, otherwise they will compromise the sector’s ability to deliver vital services to the individuals and communities who need them most.” What’s it coming to when spending cuts hit Charitable Organizations?  One way I can think for charities to cut spending is to stop sending money to every foreign country that has a flood, when there were wide spread flooding in the UK in 2007 the DEC never appealed for money to help the worst hit communities in the UK, but as soon as there is a flood in India or Pakistan the DEC starts appealing for money to help them.  Simple answer is to stop appealing for money for foreign disasters  and start looking after peoplein this country that are hit by disatters.

Her’s a link to the article on my local Newspapers website


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