The Level of NHS Treatment of residents of this country vs Immigrents

My wife is pregnant with our first child (currently 9 weeks and 2 days pregnant) and she is unable to get an appointment to see the Midwife at our Doctors surgery until 14th of October when she will be 11 weeks and 6 days pregnant.  As a result of this it has made me write my second controversial post and my sixth post since I’ve been Blogging.

I’m disgusted at the treatment of pregnant women British or otherwise that live in this country, Eastern European women, mainly Slovakian come into this country to get free Health care for themselves and their unborn child at the expense of pregnant women that pay their taxes into the  country and end up being treated as though their health care is not as important as free loading Eastern European Immigrants that come into this country just to have their child, and there families and themselves pay nothing into the economy of the country, and even go round shoplifting instead of paying for what they want.  When I was employed in a certain big discount chain that shall remain nameless, I saw and was told by customers about Eastern European (mainly Slovakians) shop lifting but that might be the topic of  another post.

Now I’m all for people Immigrating to this country but they should not be allowed free health care until they have paid enough taxes into this country to be entitled to free health care  or if they must have free health care then give people who have paid their taxes into this country priority treatment over those that haven’t.

Rant over



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