My thoughts on how to combat Anti-Social Behaviour and Crime caused by children and youths

This post has been written due to the Anti-Social Behaviour by youths on the Estate where I live and the lack of Police and CSO presence to enforce the Section 30 that has been in effect since 24th of July and runs until the 24th of October.

My solution would be to put a curfew in place banning youths from being on the streets of Estates with known Anti-Social behaviour problems from 8pm until 8am unless accompanied by a parent. Also putting Police Community Support Officers on the streets of Estates that have got a curfew in effect and giving CSOs the power to escort youths found breeching the curfew to there homes and fine there parents for not making sure that they are home during the curfew hours, and fine the parents of youths participating in Anti-Social Behaviour higher than the parents of youths in breech of the curfew.

If parents of youths that consistently participate in Anti-Social Behaviour then still don’t control there children then the Police should have the power to treat them like an Adult no matter of there age, meaning that they can get locked up in a Police holding cell over night and making them participate in community service or face going to a young offenders prison.

Please comment on this post. I’d like to see what eveyones view is on this subject. If I get enough comments I’ll set up a Facebook group dedicated to this.



2 thoughts on “My thoughts on how to combat Anti-Social Behaviour and Crime caused by children and youths

  1. I think 8am in the morning is a little late for youths as they have to go to school and need to set off around half 7 ish, but i definetly agree with the curfew idea, they to it in the US, so why cant we do it? They intimidate even people older than the,. i’m too scared to go to the cash machine on my estate as im too scared that im going to get attacked, they hang about in gangs, with vicous dogs, they spit, they’re constantly ruining our neighbourhood with their graffiti and theres chewing gum allover the place, its just terrible, i personally blame the parents, its all to do with dicipline, and behavioural managament, most of the parents are usually as bad as the kids, and even supply thier children with “weed” and alcohol. More needs to be dont to keep child crime off the streets, to create a better next generation. Laura (PS, sorry if there are any bad spelling mistakes)


    • The post was done during the Summer Holiday. Have curfew ending at 7am Mon-Friday during term time and ending at 8am Sat-Sun and during School Holidays that way they can get to School on time during term time and during School Holidays people don’t get terrorized by gangs of children.

      My thoughts exactly, it’s all down to our Governments and councils being to spineless to do anything about it. If they don’t want to put curfew into force then at least provide more Police on the street even if it’s only Special Constables or Police Community Support Officers.

      The parents of these youths definitely need to take a long hard look at themselves as the current generation of children are not going to have a now how to bring up the next generation of children as they are not going to now how to teach them how to respect people as they have not been taught it by there parents. Then it’s just going to get out of control as each generation is not going to be able to teach the next generation how to respect people and the environment around them with respect.


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