Open Suse 11.2

I’ve decided that I’m going to try Open Suse 11.2 on my Compaq Pressario V6133EU Notebook if it gets deliverd tomorrow. If it works with my Mobile Broadband Modem out of the box then I’ll try it out on my Advent 4213 Netbook.

My Open Suse fanally arrived at 17.10 lastnight and I’ve got to say I was sipprised that my 3G dongle worked out of the box. Also my N1 Wireless Espress Card worked out of the box too.

I’ve now installed it on my Advent 4213 Netbook the built in 3G Modem works out of the box not had time to play with WIFI, Bluetooth and Web Cam yet. Will keep you updated on any more developments regarding hardware when I’ve played around with it more.

As I’ve now moved my Netbook over to OpenSuse 11.2 I’ve started writing a new post and this one has now been discontinued.


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